Parent and Youth Workshop

Parent and Youth Workshop

Program available for school class

Age: 12-18

Minimum registration: 10 Students

Duration: 60 minutes

Location: School Grounds

Mentor/Instructor/Guest Speaker

Engaging Parents and Youth Workshop

We encourage parents and children to attend our workshops together. We will provide engaging activities, which will teach you specific skills that you can use to help your child achieve academic success.

As our youth reach adolescence, it’s natural for them to push against their parents and test boundaries as they strive for autonomy. Parents’ role in this journey is integral; by allowing youth the space to do so while continuing to nurture strong parent-child relationships, parents are not only helping their teens through a difficult rite of passage but also making an investment in positive family dynamics now and in the future. It can be challenging to learn this new way of parenting while maintaining unconditional love during the time when youth are straining away from their previous secure attachments, yet it is precisely a parent’s capacity to offer loving respect that ultimately leads youth further down the path towards discovery and independence.

The youth of today are incredibly resourceful, brave, and resilient individuals. Their inventive minds and capacity for creativity give them the power to surpass any challenge they may face. What’s more, they possess the wisdom inside them to find their own answers. Of course, youth will often need guidance in life – it is our responsibility as adults to recognize what they are going through and encourage them in a loving manner, so they have the space needed to explore their truths. We must always remember that we cannot force knowledge upon youth; rather, it is our job to provide an atmosphere where they can uncover their unique lessons.

We need to be aware of some of the circumstances faced by our youth today. By joining a gang, it seems appealing to a young person who is struggling with identity or needing to belong. Unfortunately, while they may initially be drawn by the allure of belonging, gang membership can bring violence and pressure that profoundly impacts their life. When these adolescents’ express interest in joining a gang, it is essential for the adults in the child’s life – such as teachers, mentors, and parents – to intervene and provide alternative activities that satisfy their need for inclusion without embracing violence or dangerous behavior.

Acknowledging our youth provides an incredibly important safety net for them; one which encourages trust and understanding between adults and youth. It gives youth the message that we see them, even if they don’t feel seen, and allows them to understand that it is safe to ‘be’ when in our presence. It creates a strong connection of communication and guidance between youth and adults which can potentially prevent bigger issues from arising down the line. Acknowledgement also increases our influence with youth, as it is an important tool which shows we have faith in their abilities while still providing them with the support they need. With a supportive peer group, youth can thrive in this transitionary period – creating better adults for the future generations.

When it comes to youth and connecting with them, many times we focus on the external behavior without looking towards the underlying needs and emotions driving them. Yelling, defiance, or silence all have a valid source beneath that can be uncovered if we look beneath. It’s important to remember that whatever their teenage struggles may be, whether they come in overt or covert ways, they deserve our attention and respect. Acknowledgement of youth feelings can be an extremely powerful tool for communication and connection. By taking the time to understand what is driving their behavior and validate their feelings, we create an awareness which opens space for more meaningful conversations.

Parental engagement is an important part of supporting youth development, however it can be challenging when parents and caregivers feel overwhelmed with their own life and work. When this happens, our youth may not receive the guidance and mentorship they need to grow and thrive, leading to a lack of confidence or motivation. It is important to remember that youth are more likely to reach their full potential when parents take time for them, no matter how busy their own lives become. Everyone has moments when things feel overwhelming, but to better support our youth, investing in one-on-one time with them is invaluable.

Our young people in The Bronx possess immense value and should be seen as invaluable assets to The Bronx community. Investing in them is an investment into both their education and business motivation that will equip them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. By prioritizing youth development, we can help create a future full of possibility where everyone is given ample opportunities to realize their unique potentials. This will reduce disparities in educational outcomes and create a world where all students have an equal chance to succeed. Their value is not merely economic but extends far beyond that – they represent hope, the embodiment of fresh minds, raw energy, and the promise of lasting growth.

We want to make our children feel loved, valued, and important. It’s so important that they feel like adults when we first start life chatting with them but going slow with them. Children learn more from adults who are patient and consistent with their positive reinforcement than they do from those who are adversaries. Plan now to be present in your child’s life by attending our Parent/Youth Workshop, reading to them, or making sure you have time to have a one-on-one when they come home from school each day.

We want you to know that we take our role of helping parents be mindful of their children’s learning very seriously and connect them to create workable solutions. We will do everything possible to provide quality, evidence-based workshops that are relevant and applicable to current needs in your children’s lives.


At the Angellyh Yambo Foundation, we believe that the future leaders of our world are being developed right here in The Bronx and we’re committed to helping them succeed. We designed our programs to engage our youth with the outside world, giving them the tools they need for success in the future.


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Healthy Relationships

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"Doing good in The Bronx" is all about bringing people together to positively impact their community.

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