Our goal at Angellyh Yambo Foundation is to provide an educational experience that makes you feel safe, supported, and inspired. We work with schools across The Bronx to provide programming and promote a positive learning environment that helps develop our young minds.


We are committed to helping students become pragmatic leaders, prepared with the life skills to lead, and succeed as positive and contributing community members. Our cross-curricular curriculum promotes both critical thinking and analytical skills needed for success in life. The school will be a place where students can build healthy relationships, develop social skills, and explore the world around them through an inquiry-based approach to learning.

Anti-Bullying Class

The AYF Bullying Prevention Program is designed to teach kids the skills they need to handle bullies. The program will address bullying, cyberbullying and promote self-defense. Numerous real-life scenarios will be discussed in this interactive class so that students see how their actions can affect others. Students will be taught strategies for dealing with bullies both on and offline.


We encourage you and your child to attend these workshops together. We will provide engaging activities, which will teach you specific skills that you can use to help your child achieve academic success.

We want you to know that we take our role of helping parents be mindful of their children’s learning very seriously. We will do everything possible to provide quality, evidence-based workshops that are relevant and applicable to the current needs in your children’s lives.


When transitioning from high school to college, students will be faced with many changes. This can be a huge adjustment, so start preparing early. If you want to increase your chances of success in college, start with these tips on academic support and interpersonal skills development.


The AYF Financial Literacy workshop is one of the most important 21st-century skills, and it’s essential with the economic and social changes being experienced in the world. It includes students’ understanding of personal finance basics, money management, credit, debt, savings, and investments.


The arts can be an effective tool to spur student achievement and increase academic performance and creativity. By supporting students with quality instruction and professional development opportunities, we can contribute to closing the achievement gap for students of color and low-income communities in The Bronx.


The Bronx is one of the most resilient communities in New York City. Home to 1.5 million residents, with 24.5% under the age of 18 and one third of the population living under the poverty line, our residents are continuously focused on improving their lives and investing in opportunities for the next generation. With your help, we can make sure those opportunities are both attainable and sustainable for all Bronxites.

The Angellyh Yambo Foundation serves to inform and educate our community on how we can work together to improve our economic and social future, through education, workforce development and community engagement.

The Bronx has been historically plagued by a negative image from the 70’s, we have been battling inequality for over 60 years. However, with the help of our City and elected officials, we are making strides in helping to turn things around. We have the highest percentage in poverty rate as well as food insecurity and unemployment in New York. The Bronx has also been afflicted by crime and gang activity which has only made things worse for the children living here. It is a fight against time for us, but we are not giving up. We need your help now more than ever before.

The South Bronx is one of the poorest congressional areas in the US, and education is one of its biggest problems. With 400 million dollars being cut from education in 2022, and an additional 557.5 million cuts projected for 2023, our students are under great risk for failure.

In the face of these cuts, we need to find innovative ways to help our youth. This foundation is dedicated to finding new ways to educate our students and give them a chance at life. We will be introducing new school programs and offering grants and scholarships to areas where kids need it most.

Due to the cuts in funding, some students will no longer have access to art and music classes. This is devastating for any student that needs this kind of enriching experience to grow as an individual. These cuts go beyond money when it comes to these programs; they also impact the ability of educators to teach and build a strong education foundation. We understand the importance of not only our funding but also how it impacts our students, families, and community school system.

Investing in our children and youth is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty, inequality, increase economic growth, boost health, well-being, and improve environmental conditions. We know that investing in education is too important to take lightly. We need to ensure that policymaking should aim at strengthening social protection systems to address the impacts of poverty, create a safe environment for our children and raise their human development potential.

Our youth today are our future, and it is essential to prepare them with the necessary information, resources, and tools to set them up for success. From a young age, youth should be encouraged to become aware of the opportunities in front of them that will allow for an equitable future. Investing in youth education not only provides tangible skills needed for success, but also helps build confidence, encourages positive decision-making, instills values such as resilience and innovation – all integral parts of creating a secure future. Preparing youth with the right information is one small step we can take towards making sure everyone has access to a life full of possibilities.

The mission of the programs is to inspire young people with the belief that they can achieve their dreams and aspirations. We aim to provide underprivileged youth with tools they need to achieve success while helping them identify areas where they can apply those talents.

The programs were designed to help our youth be successful in the future. With this program, students become more confident, responsible, and independent. We currently have six different types of programs.

We have dedicated each program to the memory of Angellyh Yambo, an honor student who inspired us with her intelligence, wit, talent, and courage. Her dream was to attend medical school and become an entrepreneur. Her future was bright, and we owe it to her to help support education and our youth, this is what drives us to do better and make sure that we help another child ‘reach the stars.’

We are hopeful that young people can find new ways to contribute to their communities. We’re proud to partner with schools and organizations that have the passion, vision and resources needed to build a better life for our youth. A safe and healthy future begins with knowledge. We are proud to enable young people with new skills and opportunities

We are helping The Bronx youth with an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop their life skills. We partner with organizations that serve the community in underserved areas. We believe that by taking our programs to the schools, we will have a chance to make a change in a child’s life. Our foundation is built on trust, purpose, and personal intention. We are trying our best to be able to help any kid who needs help within our community; A foundation changing lives one person at a time.

Please support our mission and help continue Angellyh’s legacy. You’ll be helping these kids grow up to be productive members of society. They’re counting on you.

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